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We are established in 1980.

Under the principle of bringing forth new ideas constantly,we have developed a series of “TOP ONE” brand door locksets products.
We have been producing the door lockset products in Taiwan for more than 20 years and acquired ISO 9001 approval on the quality.
Our major door hardware products include: Door Lockset, Panic Exit Device,Door Closer, Floor Spring(Floor Hinge), and Door Accessory. We have been developing new door lockset products, meet or even exceed the quality of the world-wide famous brands door lockset products. We have acquired UL certificate and approval in many of our products. Among which, our panic exit device products have passed the grade 1 requirements of the American National Standard Institute and acquired the CE mark of European Union. We are proud of keeping pace with the big door lockset products manufacturers in the facility, quality standard, and R&D technology.
In 1995, we put huge investment in establishing 2 new factories in Shanghai, China.
Our “TOP ONE” brand products are widely known and accepted in China and the overseas market. We always keep the consistent establishment aim. Quality, Service, Efficiency, and Customer's satisfaction, to win the customer's support, and continue to move forward with the stable concept of running the business.

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Time of issue:2020-06-13 00:00:00

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